Mobile gaming has evolved rapidly. From playing Snake on your trusty Nokia 3310, you can now choose from among hundreds of thousands of mobile games, download them straight to your smartphone, and play them anywhere. In fact, mobile gaming brought in $80 billion in revenue just last year, as compared to the $45 billion earned by gaming consoles.

The high portability of mobile games, however, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of the gaming experience itself. For instance, many smartphones are now compatible with virtual reality (VR), allowing for an immersive gaming experience.

If you’re looking to replicate the multiplayer aspect that console and PC games do so well, however, all you need to do is turn your Bluetooth on. Intrigued? Here are 5 mobile games to get you started.

Counter-Strike: Portable

This first-person shooter game has become a classic for PC gamers since its release in 1999. The premise is simple: two teams battle over the success or failure of an act of terror. And today, this app finally allows you and your friends to play for free on Android devices!

However, this is an unofficial version of the game, so the UI is not as streamlined as it could be. But thanks to developer Alexei Omarov including well-loved features like online PvP mode, you’re still guaranteed a hell of a game!

Sea Battle 2

If the game Battleship brings back old memories for you, you’ll love Sea Battle 2! It gives you the full digital Battleship experience, with an extensive arsenal and added abilities to help you craft the best strategy possible.

Play with yourself or with others while enjoying the game’s graphics and animations, which call back to the game’s paper-and-pencil origins during World War I. With over 10 million downloads, you’re sure to have a good time!

Bluetooth Poker 8

The competitive nature of poker makes it ideal for Bluetooth and this app is great for playing with friends and strangers. As its name implies, this app allows up to 8 smartphones to connect and play Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular poker variants in the country. All you need is a good connection and a good knowledge of winning poker strategies. This includes being able to mix up your strategies, playing a balanced range, and being able to control your emotions at the table. Plus, remember that it’s okay to fold if you get a bad hand. And because you aren’t playing for real money don’t be afraid to take some risks.


This game is perfect for those familiar with Atari breakout, whether it be from the arcade or through a hidden easter egg on Google Images. Simply face your friend, connect your phones, and start playing. Just outlive your opponent by avoiding the bullets that Bluetooth seamlessly sends your way — and you win!


Finally, for an exciting, hair-ripping gaming experience, try Spaceteam! Bluetooth brings you and your friends onto a spaceship, where you have to survive all the hazards space travel is sure to bring. To do so, you’ll all be given dashboards with various buttons, switches, and dials.

Here’s the catch: while you’ll all have different commands to execute, the buttons you need to complete them will not necessarily be on your screen. This means shouting at each other to finish tasks before your ship meets its end, making for increasingly chaotic gameplay the bigger the team gets!

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