Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones are a set of protective earmuffs that make use of Bluetooth innovation for sound streaming from any Bluetooth linked gadget. One can stream audio to their Bluetooth headphones from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android phone or roughly any other gadget available at the moment. You can listen in to any digital media counting web-based radio such as Spotify, Pandora, etc.), MP3’s, iTunes, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones

Most models as well permit you to listen in to the AM/FM radio via an incorporated receiver. This all occurs wirelessly without cords getting in the way. All times you are vulnerable to a high decibel clatter setting, you ought to wear hearing defense. This takes in working with apparatus such as a tractor, chainsaw, a lawnmower, woodworking gear, or working in most manufacturing industries. The most significant thing to think about when purchasing a headphone for hearing protection is its Noise Reduction Rating.

Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones

Here are the 5 best bluetooth hearing protection headphones out of all others we went through for this review and which actually turned out to be worth the money.

1. Wireless Hearing Safety Headphones by 3M WorkTunes

3M Bluetooth WorkTunes AM FM MP3 Radio Headphones - Wireless Hearing Protector

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Key Features:

  • Size – The headphones are adaptable and shall fit over a big head or a hat
  • Comfortablility – They are cozy to put on for hours
  • Multiple alternatives – The cordless and wired alternatives
  • Extended battery life – With a first-class battery set, you can listen in to music for around 80 hours non-stop
  • Throttled volume – as you listen to music, the sound is restricted to 82 decibels
  • Automatic shut-off- following 2 hours of idleness the device automatically goes off

The 3M WorkTunes Bluetooth headphone is well-suited with your Android phone, iPhone, MP3 player, iPod and any other appliance that uses Bluetooth technology. Practically every modern gadget, counting your smartphone, is well-matched and shall work with this earpiece. Via Bluetooth expertise, one can wirelessly stream auditory from their phone or another gadget to the headphones.

Besides Bluetooth, this set traits an incorporated AM/FM radio. If you necessitate listening to regular radio, it is all possible that with this earmuff. You may save around 50 radio-stations as presets. The functionality of the radio is particularly accommodating if you are at a sporting activity like a football match. You can watch the match while tuned to the commentary via radio.

2. Gardtech Bluetooth FM Stereo Protective Hearing Headphones

Gardtech Bluetooth FM Stereo Hearing Protector Ear Protector Safety Earmuffs

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Key Features:

  • Integral SD card (4GB)
  • Incorporated FM radio
  • 29 dB NRR

Gardtech is an additional respectable brand you must take into consideration when searching at hearing protective headphones. These Gardtech Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones have concrete noise rescinding aptitude with the 29 dB NRR and can aid you to concentrate on both outdoor and indoor activities. It is as well easy to connect with your smartphone and any other Bluetooth auditory gadget. It possesses an integral FM radio but not the AM.

If you want to listen in to AM stations, you will be required to pair it with a smartphone. One supportive attribute here is its fitted slot for SD card. This permits you to save any of your preferred music and even podcast episodes straight to the earmuffs, no requirement to connect it to a smartphone. The earmuffs are power-driven by lithium-ion re-chargeable batteries so look ahead to it to last all through the day following a single full charge.

3. Peltor WS Tactical Sport Communications Headphones

3M Peltor WS Tactical Sport Communications Headset, 20 dB Noise Reduction

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Key Features:

  • Separate controls for volume – it has two different settings for volume: one for exterior or ambient noise and another configuration for the volume of the Bluetooth linked gadget.
  • Integrated microphone – It is made with an implanted microphone which shall permit you to accept calls and speak to the individual on the other end. It doesn’t come with a boom microphone but it can be bought separately if desired.
  • Auxiliary jack – It comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack wherein you can connect a 2-way radio or another tool if required. This is a high-quality trait which permits you to link gadgets that aren’t Bluetooth enabled.
  • Re-chargeable batteries – 2 AAA batteries are requisite. It is completed with the essential re-chargeable batteries in addition to a charger.

This 3M Peltor WS Tactical Sport is the unsurpassed Bluetooth hunting ear defense. They may intensify the sounds near you at the same time as help guard you from deafening impulse clatters like a gunshot. The utmost sound that gets into the ear by electronic means is 82 dB or approximately as noisy as an AC unit of a window. Since gunshots are deafening than 82 dB, the headphones restrict the electronic sound to 82 dB. That should not be confused with the real sound getting into the ear.

As with all hearing defense, that is reliant on the NRR rating. The NRR ranking is an average measure of sound protection for all headphones. The NRR ranking for this gadget is 20. If a gun blast is 130 decibels, this device shall decrease the exterior sound to about 110 decibels. The maximum NRR rating for headphones on the marketplace nowadays is 31 decibels.

4. Ion Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Defense Earmuffs

ION Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Protection Headphones with Bluetooth and Radio

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as of May 29, 2023 6:34 pm

Key Features:

  • Ability to answer calls – The Bluetooth earmuffs has an integrated microphone that permits you to answer calls through Bluetooth link. You will have the whole phone discussion without taking out the earmuffs.
  • Re-chargeable battery – traits an internal lithium-ion battery which can preserve power for approximately 20 hours before recharging is essential. No throwaway cells are requisite!
  • Level of NRR protection – This Bluetooth pair of earmuffs has a sophisticated degree of hearing fortification with a ranking of 25 NRR. That implies a lawnmower generating noise at a velocity of 100 decibels shall get abridged to 75 decibels, or around the same noise level of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Presets – You have the aptitude to set about 20 radio stations presets.
  • Auxiliary jack – The unit comprises a backup jack lest you decide you need to use a cord to connect the gadget. It comes in versatile if you would want to fix a 2-way radio that is not Bluetooth enabled. The wiring is sold independently.

The Ion Audio Tough Sound is an excellent alternative for Bluetooth hearing protection. This pair is amongst the best Bluetooth hearing guard for homeowners. They closely look akin to the 3M WorkTunes replica. They come with an en-suite AM/FM radio and one can connect a smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled gadgets to it. That implies that streaming of your desired web-based radio applications, like Pandora, or listening in to a podcast as you work is quite effortless.

An additional benefit with this Bluetooth set of earmuffs is that you can answer a call devoid of removing them out. That is especially desirable if you necessitate continuing working as you speak with the caller.

It as well as has a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery that implies there is no requirement to buy extra not recyclable batteries when its charge goes off.

5. 3M Peltor WS 100 Communications Earmuff

3M Peltor WS 100 Communications Headset

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as of May 29, 2023 6:34 pm

Key Features:

  • Communication – You are capable of hearing somebody else chat in their normal voice (not via a microphone) while putting on the earmuffs. Exterior sounds can be by electronic means sending up to 82 dB. The volume is adjustable as considered necessary.
  • Phone calls – You can answer phone calls whereas connected to the phone through Bluetooth. There are knobs on the side of the earmuff that permit you to reject or receive a call. In case you are listening to something, it will discontinue as the call is taking place and continue when you end the call.
  • Bluetooth range – The Bluetooth reach is 30 feet amid the Bluetooth enabled device and earmuffs when there is a wall present. One can pick up the signal more than 100 feet if you are employed in a plant where there is only open space and no walls.
  • Wired connection – Wired connectional is not obligatory; however if desirable, a 3.5mm auxiliary jack can be slotted onto the headset.
  • Sound limiting – Consists of sound restraining innovation which restrains media to about 82 decibels. This suppresses loud sounds and amplifies sounds like nearby vehicles and speech. The volume can be regulated either way conditional on how loud you want to perceive sounds from outside.
  • Comfy – They are weightless, weighing at approximately 12.4 ounces and are at ease enough to put on a whole day.

The 3M Peltor WS 100 Bluetooth earmuffs (MT16H21FWS5UM580 replica) is an excellent alternative for staff members who need to be in touch while at the profession. This pair is the most excellent Bluetooth hearing defense for employees who put on a pair of earmuffs each day.

This Bluetooth set of earmuffs increases the sounds you would want to hear and quiets deafening noises that possibly will harm your hearing. They permit one to listen to what somebody else is talking about while putting on the headset. They don’t have to be communicating via the microphone; you can listen to their spoken voice. That is probably through the noise intensification knowledge.

It comes with a boom microphone which permits you to receive calls while still doing your duties. You can take your calls without getting the headset off. This boom microphone permits the user to commune with the calling individual. You can accept calls via your phone without the headset’s removal.

With this Bluetooth innovation, you can as well stream audio without a cord from the phone, or another Bluetooth enabled gadget to the headset.

Buying Guide

Selecting a new set of Bluetooth earmuffs can be quite a daunting task. With a wide array on the marketplace – regarding price, design and additional features – it is imperative to home in on precisely what you want.

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Earmuffs

As the name implies, these earmuffs surround the outer ear, slotting in the rear, so no section of the ear is uncovered. This means the earmuffs themselves are big and relatively heavy; thus they might be best matched for those with bigger heads. It is significant to verify the dimensions of the ear cups, since at times they do not entirely cover the ears, making them rough.

That supposed a close-fitting set of the over-ears score so highly on the comfort scales. Earmuffs are regularly the most effective at inactive noise-cancelling – that is, deny inconvenient noise from the surrounding without the employment of electronic noise termination.


What setting do I work in?
If employed in places where the noise level is soaring (airports, construction sites, factories etc.), it is advisable that you put on ear protection.

Why is ear protection necessary?
Exposing yourself to 80dB noise level or above can damage your hearing. It might occur suddenly or happen in due course. The cells in the ears cannot be restored following damage by deafening noises.

What does attenuation mean?
The decrease in the power of a signal is called attenuation. In our case, it is the lessening of the level of noise. Ear protectors can lessen the sound by various amounts.

Can it be used with a hard hat?
Nearly all replicas come with neckband editions. Thus they can as well slot onto helmets effortlessly.

What do I need to reflect on when purchasing Bluetooth ear protectors?
If being in touch with others while at work is fundamental while using the ear defenders you need a model possessing a microphone. These are perfect for communication in exceptionally noisy settings.

Final Words

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones can present similar listening protection as other superior earmuffs while improving the experience of putting them on. If you like listening to talk radio, sporting events and music while you are doing your duties the Bluetooth earmuffs shall get the work completed. It is recommendable purchasing your own set. Every penny you use is worth it.

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  1. hey! I have the worktunes wireless, and I love everything about them, but there are a few things that I would like to have in a headset, along with all the features this one has.

    1: Better battery life

    They take 2 AA batteries, and although the 30 hours of music play time sounds like a lot, its really not. I am a crew leader at a lawncare company, and I am working anywhere from 12-16 hours in a day, so I am replacing the batteries every couple of days. I am looking into getting the rechargeable battery pack, so hopefully that will become a non issue, but I still thought I would mention that.

    2: A Mic
    I would love to see a great noise canceling microphone built in for taking calls without pausing my work. It would be great if I could take business calls without anyone even being able to tell that I’m on a lawn mower.

    3: A 2 way radio
    communication is key in lawncare. I need to be able to communicate with the rest of the crew without pausing my work. Even just a normal walkie talkie channel would work, although a closed loop would be better so that nobody could listen in. (We poke fun at each other and have fun while we work while still looking professional, but that may be difficult if someone can listen in to every word :-).

    If anyone has any suggestions, please reply. I’m diffidently Looking for feedback on this.

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