Headphones basically are a pair of small loudspeaker drivers which are either worn on or around the head over the ears of the user. It allows the user to listen to any audio with privacy. With the technology showing us new colors, manufacturers are becoming dynamic and innovating headphones greatly in terms of design as well as audio quality for better experience of the user.

The latest innovation in the world of headphone is neckband headphone. They are simply replacing the bulky and expensive over-ear headphones.

Talking about its basic structure there are speakers which are attached via a wire to a small, lightweight band. The band finally fits around the back of your neck. They come with a microphone built-in so as to make things like phone calls easier.

Good neckband sets land up impressing audiophiles and the call quality do outperform other types of headphones present in the market. You don’t have to worry about losing the earbuds any more. It is a savior for the corporate people. If you are on the move, then also it is must for you.

best neckband Bluetooth headphones

If you are new to the world of neckband headphones then this is the perfect place for you to know what’s going on with this stuff currently. Broadly there are 2 types of neckband headphones:

  • On-ear Type

In this type of neckband headphone, your earpieces are on your ear. The neckband gets over the ears and connects behind the neck. These offer lot of comfort while wearing. Since they are not plugged into the ears, you land up hearing some noise from outside. If you need to be aware of your environment, they are perfect for you.  You can easily buy both wireless and wired forms.

  • In-ear Type

These neckband headphones are considered all-rounder. A stiff neckband is present in these headphones. A small cord is present through which earbuds emerge out of the arms. Easily plugged them into the ears while using it. While not in use, they stick to each or simply just hang off the neckband.  They are offering you the convenience of earphones and also no more the fear of losing them or breaking them off. Mostly they are connected wirelessly to the audio source. Office professionals are in love with this product.

They are offering you the convenience of earphones and also no more the fear of losing them or breaking them off. Mostly they are connected wirelessly to the audio source. Office professionals are in love with this product.

Best Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

So let’s move forward and take the look at the 5 best neckbands Bluetooth Headphones in the market.

1. Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset

Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones W/Case, Wireless Neckband Headset V4.1 W/Call Vibrate Alert, 13 Hours Playtime & CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, Wireless Neckband Headphones, Black

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as of March 29, 2023 6:33 am

Mpow Jaws Gen4 is considered to be high-performing yet affordable headsets apart from being comfortable and convenient. It has a number of features which makes it a great product. The battery life quite long does worry about draining the battery. The mic is really amazing. It’s one of the best neckband headphones material.

It is simple designed neckband with a pair of earbuds attached to it. You can easily twist and store it in a small space without much hassle. The earpieces are magnetic. When they are not in use, they automatically get stuck to the plastic casing. The shark-face design is quite stylish.

For wireless connectivity, it uses Bluetooth V4.1. This version is more energy efficient. It covers entire workday since battery last 13 hours per charge.  These are widely known to be durable and flexible.

Also, we get a hard protective carrying bag apart from the upgraded vibrating call alert. The call quality is simply excellent. CVC 6.0 noise-canceling technology is being used to that mic pick up the voice amongst the ambient noise. The people on the other end of the call could hear us clearly without much difficulty. The Bluetooth connection is strong within the range of at least 25 feet.

2. SoundBot¨ SB221 HD Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Sports-Active Headphone

SoundBot¨ SB221 HD Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Sports-Active Headphone for 20Hrs Music Streaming & 25Hrs HandsFree Calling w/Sweat Resistant Ergonomic Secure-Fit Design & Voice Command Support

$19.99  in stock
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as of March 29, 2023 6:33 am

The SoundBot SB221 neckband headphones come with excellent build quality that lasts for hours. The audio quality is great with the price tag it comes with. Characteristics like battery life, portability, fitment, and comfort are up to the mark.

These neckband headphones are relatively lightweight. The two on-ear earpieces connected via thick cylindrical structure headband. The earpieces are rounded with soft cushions and leather draping. This way the earpieces hang on the ears securely since the neckband passes over the ears. The heads of different sizes are fitted well. The arms got the hinges. You can easily fold than when not in use. They weigh around 2.5 ounces.

The buttons are well-placed, easy to press and have good feedback. One of the important features of these neckband headphones is that they have sweat-resistant power so without any fear one can take them to the workout.

The in-built mic allows you to take calls over them making your life easy. The durability of the design is being appreciated by the users. This product can easily last for 2-3 years with regular use.

The battery is really amazing. It can easily last 25 hours for calls and for music lovers 20 hours for music playback. You can charge it within 3 hours. Apart from this fabulous neck and, we get a waterproof pouch along with a charging cable

They come with the strong bass. Sometimes at high volume, you can have a bit of boominess in them. But for daily use they are worth it. They produce full sound and not going tinny when the volume is down. You will find that the vocals are relayed clearly. No further straining your ears to distinguish the words. The Bluetooth connection is quite strong within the range 33. The mic also performs well for important calls.

3. LBell SX991Wireless Neckband Design

Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Headphones SX991-LBell Wireless Neckband Design with Foldable Retractable Headset for Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 8 and Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices

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as of March 29, 2023 6:33 am

The LBell SX991 neckband headphones is definitely a big bang. Because of the good placements of the buttons, using controls are quite convenient. There are many features to explore in this headphone which will make you wow. The battery life is pretty good. And these look smart enough for professional use. The LBell SX991 neckband headphones look pretty classy for professional use.

They are all in black body with metallic touches, it looks too smart. It weighs around 2.4 ounces. The arms of this neckband easily get folded for compact storage. Hence, they can easily get along with all small pockets. There are retractable cables in the neckband via which earbuds are attached to. Press a small button while not in use to retract earbuds back into the arms of the neckband. When you want to use them just pull them and insert it in your ears.

These headphones have a feature of vibration alert for all your calls so that there is no miss of any important call while the earbuds are not inserted in your ears. They got another feature of announcing the phone number of the caller. Bluetooth v4.1 is used for wireless connection with a good range up to 33 feet.

The battery is good 16 hours of music playback or 18 hours Talktime. It takes around 3.5 hours get it fully charged. You will get alerts for charging even. In the packet we get different sizes of silicone ear bugs apart from charging cable. The full bass is simply outstanding. Even at no volume a thin sound can be heard easily.

The vocals are quite clear and crisp with the price tag. The audio is clear and you can easily understand all the details. The volume range is quite wide. High volume, especially for urban environments, is provided well by this headphone.

The mic quality was good with the price tag. The calls sounded clear except sometimes the sound isn’t that crisp. You can easily distinguish the words and hear them quite very clearly above the noise from the other side, is it not worth the cost.

4. SkullcandyInk’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone

Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone, Noise Isolating Supreme Sound, 8-Hour Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight with Flexible Collar, Black

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as of March 29, 2023 6:33 am

The SkullcandyInk’d neckband headphones are one of the most funky-looking collar-headphones. If your office gives you some space then you can even wear them to work. These are weightless and are quite low-profile headphones no elaborated gadget. The neckband and earbuds are quite convenient. The biggest strength of this headphone is the classic dark Skullcandy audio.

The SkullcandyInk’d neckband headphones have a low-profile design. Though the neckband is moderately thick it is pretty pliable. Due to good placement of the buttons the operation is quite easy and hassle-free. The ear tips emerge straight out of the earbuds and sit flush in your ears.

You can easily connect these headphones through Bluetooth within 30 feet Bluetooth range. The battery is quite decent and lasts through 8 hours of music play or Talktime easily. The design of these headphones allows them to be stowed inside your pocket.

You can buy them in different colorful shades like black, street grey, red, royal blue colors. They don’t retract while not in use. They work well for running and other outdoor activities like hitting gym or jogging or any other activity.

The SkullcandyInk’d wireless neckband headphones uses the trademark Skullcandy audio. The strength of these headphones are solid bass,  clear vocals and matching treble. The music lovers will enjoy the audio. Even at low volumes, the audio sounds are good. You can find out the boominess in bass and the treble is non-sibilant.

5. Sony MDR-G45LP Neckband Headphones

Sony Lightweight Behind-the-Neck Active Sports Stereo Headphones

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as of March 29, 2023 6:33 am

Sony MDR-G45LP neckband headphones are another one of those designs which attracted masses for being non-invasive designs. The design allows it to sit tight and let you enjoy a continuous stream of music. This product works via a wired connection. These come in an affordable budget.

The Sony MDR-G45LP neckband headphones are distinctly comfortable neckband headphone. They are designed like Philip Rich bass. They are structured as clip-on headphones with earpieces. The earpieces have foam earpads to make soft contact with the ears. These are exceptionally well for outdoor activities like cycling, walking, and workouts. One can sleep well while this is put on.

We get the cable of these neckband headphones quite long, almost 3.9 feet long, which is further connected to the left earcup. The whole product makes a very lightweight package. You won’t feel about any weight on your neck. People those who put glasses are in love with this product. Under hats and with sunglasses, you can carry this headphone.

Sony gives excellent value for money. Sony are consistently performing well when it comes to headphones. It produces a well- balanced sound with good but not excessive bass. The lower frequencies produce good thrust in the midbass region. The bass isn’t boomy and also prevents overpowering the midrange vocals and strings.

There is no sign of vigilance for treble. A good space is being provided by the soundstage and hence, sound doesn’t get cramped. These headphones do provide us with wide volume range hence audio seems to be more clear.  Since you hear noise in parts, it’s great if you want to be aware of your surrounding.


Let’s look for the advantages which neckband headphones give us over regular headphones.

  • Design

The design of these neckband headphones is appealing. One can easily control all your calls with ease. Placement of buttons is so appropriate that it’s easy to reach them right when you get the calls. The neckband is durable and flexible making your life easier.

  • Pressure

Almost every one of us would have felt the pressure on our head and ears while using full-sized headphones. You could even turn them into the furnace for your ears while using it continuously for a longer duration. But with the invention of neckband headphones, you can continuously listen to music or take calls without taking any pressure or creating any ear-problem.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Most of these headphones are wireless. Thus, with the convenience of earbuds, you can walk around untethered. They offer an add-on advantage over misplaced wireless earbud since they are easier to spot. They are the perfect combination of portability and reliability, apart from being flexible and durable.

  • Ease of Use

When not in use, they can be just hung around your neck. Thus, appearing to a very fancy accessory. Their presence is not any hindrance since it was so weightless. You can easily locate them than normal earbuds when you get an urgent call.

  • Affordable

While going out to purchase something, price is something which hit us. But for neckband headphones, you don’t have to worry since they are quite affordable. Actually, neckband headphones are more affordable than wireless earbuds of similar quality. We want to enjoy the same audio quality as wired headphones, then they are quite suitable for you since they have Apt-X support. Even wired neckband headphones are quite inexpensive.

Neckband Headphones Buyers Guide

Since neckband headphones are different from conventional headphones in many aspects so it becomes important that you would require to know a little bit more about the style especially in order to become an informed buyer.

Some of the key and basic parameters are style, battery life, durability, purpose, and sound quality, which needs to be taken care of. Here are some of the key buying factors, that would help you to get the best neckband headphones according to your priorities

  • Purpose

For what all activities you would like to use your headphones, is an important aspect before you buy your headphone. Different activities require different types of headphones.

  • Sound Quality

The sound quality you really expect from your headphone. Just interested in hearing some podcasts or want to enjoy the music. The person who wants to just hear some stories or watch movies out can work without excellent sound quality but latter can’t skip that.

  • Battery life

This depends on your purpose of using the headphone. Whether you just want to use it for your recreational activities or for your professional work.


Neckbands headphones are must-try for every one of us. It helps to make your life easier and sorted. It comes with affordable price tag apart from offering us lot of other benefits, which makes the try must.

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