The Bluetooth technology has become one of the most common ways to enjoy audio using wireless speakers and headphones. For instance, with your phone in the pocket, you can enjoy your music while walking or driving. However, what worries people most is the reduction in the quality of the audio in general.


The older versions of Bluetooth had an issue with sound quality because of compression. It killed deep tones in the music giving lower quality. Most devices that use the older versions lack high frequencies have lower stereo quality and use standard Bluetooth Codec. This, however, should no longer be an issue as there are several ways that have come up to handle it.

  • Manage your device’s activity

While listening to music via a sound system using Bluetooth try and reduce the number of applications that you are using. Applications that especially access the GPS on your device or those that sync data can cause interference with wireless activity. While you stream your music online ensure that other applications that use the internet bandwidth are off. This will increase the quality of audio you stream.

  • Check the recommended range

When purchasing a device whether it’s a speaker or some headphones, it’s always advisable to stick to the range recommended by the manufacturer. For the majority of devices, this range is usually between fifteen and thirty feet. The further you move from the recommended range, the more likely you are to experience hitches, drops or even skips in your audios.

  • Reduce interference

Micro-waves, cordless phones or other wireless networks normally use a similar 2.4-GHz frequency. Due to this fact, the devices named above may affect the quality of sound. When indoors, you should also note that walls and furniture usually mess with effective range.

  • Ensure quality when buying products

Whenever you are out there shopping for headphones or Bluetooth speakers, you should ensure that you purchase only high-quality goods. Bluetooth technology has changed over time and the newer the technology is, the better the audio quality from a device. Headphones or speakers that are of high-quality most likely use aptX or A2DP compression. These two give a better quality of output via Bluetooth.

  • Use music files saved in the device

The protocol used by Bluetooth does is to compress audio for it to then transmit it wirelessly. In this case, if you transmit music to your devices while streaming, the quality of the audio will drop. This will be due to the fact that the Bluetooth device will be compressing music that is already compressed. However, if you use files saved on your device, they won’t be affected by the double compression.

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There are other minor techniques that one can use to circumvent this problem that includes: –

  • Running multiple apps that use Bluetooth on your device can reduce the reliability. Try to have them off and the sound quality may improve
  • Reboot the speaker or the device that you are using to pair. If you reset the speaker, its impaired memory and settings will be cleared.
  • Try switching off Wi-Fi settings on your device.
  • Try using a different app, to get better sound quality as the first one may have an issue.
  • Try moderating the volume of your Bluetooth device. If its quite loud, that may affect and cause distortion to the speakers connected. When it is too low, on the other hand, the sound quality may not be as good.

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