Everyone wants a good listening experience. However, Bluetooth speakers can be quite annoying when someone gets unauthorized access to your Bluetooth speaker. It takes some time and energy to search for the phone that is connected to the speaker and kick it off. If you cannot find any phone, you can quickly end the connection process on your speaker.

Check for Bluetooth connections

Check for Bluetooth connections

You can access this function by pressing and holding the power button on your speaker. This process will sync up with all Bluetooth-enabled devices within a certain radius, like your phone or laptop. Once you see a list of devices as populated on your screen, it means that those devices are currently connected to your Bluetooth speaker.

Optionally, if there is no list to show up, ensure that you have turned on Bluetooth and that the device has been enabled to be discovered after first turning it on (if applicable). This option varies from one product to another and might need an explanation from customer support representatives for more info about using Bluetooth speakers.

Choose the device that needs to be disconnected from the list and click Disconnect or the corresponding options.

Finally, if you cannot find any device within the list on your speaker, tap the button that says Disconnect All to disconnect all active devices from your speaker.

Alternatively, on some Bluetooth speakers, a similar process involves going into Settings and then clicking on Bluetooth Devices to select the one that needs to be removed from the list of devices connected to your Bluetooth speaker. If this is an option on your device, it will locate the phone automatically and let you choose it to connect with other devices in range.

It also offers another method for selecting an already paired device where users just need to hold down their power button until they hear a voice alert saying “Already paired” or “Connected.” Once that is done, they can click on the device and it begins to play.

If you do not want anyone else to be able to connect with your Bluetooth speaker, you need to follow this process and ensure that there is no unauthorized access after taking these steps. If your phone still is able to connect despite following these steps, then we recommend using a password or security code as an additional form of protection.

Don’t forget! When disconnecting from Bluetooth devices make sure you remember which devices are disconnected as they could be necessary in future situations. Once again, choosing “Disconnect All” will delete all current connections with your Bluetooth speakers.

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