Bluetooth is an amazing technology for information exchange. It makes the process of data exchange safe and easy for two devices that are in close proximity. Bluetooth is an effective technology that works on different operating systems like Windows, Android, and IOS.

The process of use of Bluetooth operation requires pairing of the devices to ensure the establishment of a secure connection. This pairing is then remembered for future use in the memory of the system. Thus, in case you have to add new Bluetooth devices, you have to unforget an existing Bluetooth device.

How to Unforget a Bluetooth Device

Many times the unforget process is required to initiate the pairing from the start, manage the total number of paired devices, etc. There can be many other reasons that require to unforget the Bluetooth device from the system. Thus, it is crucial to learn about unforget an existing Bluetooth device from the list of the paired devices.

The process to Unforget a Bluetooth Device:

The process to unforget a Bluetooth device starts by understanding the operating system of the smart device or computer. We’ll help you to get details about the computer, Android, and IOS smart devices.

Unforget Bluetooth device on computer:

  • All you need to do is go to the “Device Manager” menu of your system. You’ll find the list of devices used additionally to your system.
  • This list has an option “View” that lands you on the names of the different devices.
  • Go to the “show hidden devices” to search the name of the Bluetooth device required.
  • Select the name of the Bluetooth device and click on the “Uninstall.”
  • You’ll get a confirmation of the removal or unforget of the Bluetooth device from your system.

Unforget Bluetooth device on Android:

Android is one of the leading mobile and tablets software systems. Thus, many times you may have to unforget the Bluetooth device on Android. The steps include:

  • Go to the phone settings option on your Android device.
  • Find the “reset” option located in the phone settings.
  • You’ll find the option related to Bluetooth in the reset settings options. Many devices have this option as “Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.”
  • Clicking on the Bluetooth option will demand a system password to initiate the process.
  • After putting in the password, you can instantly reset the Bluetooth settings and can easily forget the existing paired device.

Unforget Bluetooth device on IOS:

The IOS mobile and other devices have a simple process to unforget a Bluetooth device that is as follow:

  • Go to the general settings in your IOS device.
  • You will find the “reset” option in the general settings.
  • You can go to the “Reset network settings” for accessing the Bluetooth settings.
  • Clicking on this “Reset network settings” will put your IOS device into the factory reset mode for Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • This will be confirmed by showing the Apple logo and you will be redirected to the home menu.

Wrapping Up:

While managing data exchange on different mediums like your computer, smart device, or mobile, you may need to use Bluetooth technology. Many times the requirement comes to unforget the existing Bluetooth device to add the new devices or initiate the pairing from the start only.

Thus, the steps mentioned help in quick procedure to unforget a Bluetooth device with no additional hassles. All these steps are common for the different devices working on the same operating systems like Windows, Android, IOS, etc. Thus, the entire process is streamlined with no fuss and can be accomplished with little or no detailed technical knowledge.

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  1. This sounds like I will have to reestablish Bluetooth connections to all the devices that I did not previously choose to forget. Is that correct?

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