Ears are very delicate sense organs that need much care and proper attention. We cannot randomly allow dirt and dust to accumulate in our ears. Also, we should protect them from pinpricks, water, and any kind of infection, insects, and a lot more things. But at the same time, we need to hear the sounds around us. For instance, if we do not listen to what someone is saying to us, we may miss out on some e significant details.

We must be aware of the honking of the horns of vehicles on a road while walking or driving. We should also be able to enjoy the soft sound of birds chirping or any pleasant music. How to protect our ears from any kind of harm or foreign materials and at the same time be able to listen to the sounds around us?

Using earplugs seems a viable option. However, most of the earplugs are not effective and efficient. They block the much-needed surrounding sounds too. So, they are of no use to our ears. We need to look for a more viable option that fulfills our needs and provides protection to our delicate ears too.

Quiet Buds

Earplugs are used to protect the user’s ears from loud noises, the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust, and excessive wind. Most of the earplugs not only block out the noise but also block every other sound.  They block out the sound of an alarm and also the voice of somebody from your work or home.

But we do not want to block out the important information, now do we? The Quietbuds are the best replacement for the traditional earplugs. We can call it a revolutionary product. The manufacturer claims that this problem has been solved by the Quietbuds. The Quietbuds are designed in a way that not only cancels out the unwanted noise but one can still hear the important things. Is it not that amazing? What else do we need after all?

These earplugs come with three different capsule cores. Each capsule core has its own function. You can put on a core according to your needs. Following are the important details of the three capsule cores of Quietbuds:

  • COMMUTE CORE: This first level core has a silicone core and it reduces the noise in the background but you can still hear what people are saying.
  • CONCERT CORE: The second level concert core prevents hearing damage that could’ve been caused by loud noise concerts. It filters the background noise in such a way that you can concentrate on what you really want to hear.
  • OCEAN QUIET CORE: It is the advanced level of the Quietbuds and it blocks out almost every single sound. This core has a specific fluid that helps in achieving this. You can use this core while sleeping, meditating and reading.

The need for Quietbuds?

In today’s world, you need to be stress-free and calm down. But that’s almost impossible in public places. There is a lot of unwanted noise out there. Be it vehicles or people talking loudly in a cafe or a train in commotion, you find no peace. Even in your own house, there can be times when there is humongous background noise. All this affects your own self. It affects your sleep and your peace.

This is where the Quietbuds come into play. You can create a noise-free and therefore a stress-free environment by putting on these earplugs. You’ll be able to focus on what you really want to focus on without any sort of distractions.

The three capsule cores turn out to be the best upgrade to traditional earplugs. You can decide for yourself which core you need in a particular situation. On the one hand, you can get a good night’s sleep and on the other hand, you can enjoy loud concerts without any fear of hearing damage. Quietbuds are basically all-rounder.

The Quietbuds are made from high-quality aluminum. This makes the earplugs extremely durable. The high-quality aluminum and the silicone core add up to be a great combination! The silicone plugs make these earplugs really comfortable to wear and the earbuds fit everyone quite nicely.

Quietbuds Technical Facts and Specs

  • Three Capsule Cores for different sound experiences. One core reduces the background noise in a way that you can still hear the important things. The next core is basically designed to be used in places with loud music or sound, like in concerts. It enables you to focus on only the main voice. The last core is usually used for the complete elimination of any kind of sound.
  • Made of high-quality aluminum. The high-quality aluminum results in great strength and high durability. This makes them worth every penny.
  • Silicone inserts in three sizes (S, M, and L). The silicone inserts are used to maximize sound blockage and comfort. These inserts are available in three sizes- Small, Medium and Large. The variety in the size makes the Quietbuds usable for everybody. So, there are no age restrictions when it comes to Quietbuds.
  • A specific soundproof fluid is used. This fluid is used along with the high-quality aluminum and silicone inserts for better noise suppression. The combination of these three- high-quality aluminum, silicone inserts, and soundproof fluid makes the Quietbuds luxurious. The quality, as a result, becomes top-notch.
  • A portable case for easy storage. Quietbuds are easily portable and can be carried even in your pocket. So from your room to your office, from a park to a café, from a train station to a concert, you can take these earplugs anywhere you would like.

QuietBuds Price and Availability

Quietbuds are quite affordable. The MRP is approximately 66.65 $, but you can get it at a discount of up to 40%. You will get more discount if you buy more than one pair of Quietbuds. These earplugs are high-end and are really comfortable. The noise suppression power of Quietbuds is enormous!

Portability is something that we all look for in every product we buy. Quietbuds are easily portable with a strong storage case. You can buy these earplugs online directly from the Quietbuds website.

You can make the payment through PayPal. Credit cards can also be used to make payments. You also get a warranty on these earplugs. The Quietbuds site has a McAfee secure certificate which means that it has been verified by McAfee and is completely secure to make your payments.

QuietBuds Review

The customer reviews have been really positive. One of the customers found the Quietbuds really useful while working outdoors. He used concert core Quietbuds to reduce the dangerously loud noises around.

Another customer informed us that she loves to sit in the park and read. And so, she uses commute core Quietbuds to get a library-like feel at a park. The backdrop becomes green and peaceful. One customer uses the ocean quiet core Quietbuds to get a good night’s sleep. He informed that the Quietbuds completely blocked the loud snoring of his roommate.

Quiet Buds Reviews

Many people use the Quietbuds for sleeping during the day as they have night shifts in their office. People have posted online about our quick delivery service. The people who were always intending to maintain their health supported Quietbuds’ usage.

There have been similar positive customer reviews. The customers love our product as well as our services. People use the Quietbuds almost everywhere, because who doesn’t like a break from the daily commotion.


Quietbuds are an upgrade to the basic earplugs that we’ve all been waiting for. It was much needed in today’s highly noisy and polluted world.  Their high-quality material makes them highly durable and they are also easily portable. The portability makes them all the more popular. Quietbuds are not only comfortable to wear but they also make your surroundings comfortable for you.

In the daily hustle-bustle that life is, you’re at peace and also stress-free because of these earplugs. The best part about it is its three capsule cores that perform three different functions. These cores are customized to maximize your satisfaction. Once you start using Quietbuds, you will realize how soothing it feels to your ears.

You will never want to shift to any other earplugs brand. Quietbuds are quite affordable too. They do not burn a hole in your pocket. They fit very well in your budget. So keeping everything in mind, I think that Quietbuds are totally worth it! Go get your Quietbuds now! Happy Shopping!

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